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The Farm


Welcome to Honey Creek Creamery's century farm and goat dairy. Sharon makes the farmstead cheese, George is alfalfa producer extraordinaire, and daughter, Paige, wins hearts as tour operator. A 100 year old bunkhouse was renovated into the milk parlor and processing plant. Chevre is crafted every two days and we welcome you to experience the goat cheese's mild flavor derived from Loess Hills vegetation and enhanced by fresh herbs. about us »

Our Products


Traditional farmstead cheese making methods are used to create fresh chevre. We make cheese in small batches with special attention to details which results in a mild, rich cheese complemented with organic seasonings. our cheese »

Employee of the Month


Tiny but Mighty. Petunia is our star because she is a first time mom, but a major milker. Good milk production is rare the first year for new mamas. It is even more impressive given Petunia's tiny size. She even stands bow legged to give us easier access for milking. Petunia is a purebred Alpine who likes to spend her days playing queen of the hill on fallen trees with her brother, Ross. The rest of the time, Petunia cares for her little baby girl and is an attentive mama. about our goats »