Employee of the Month

roo headshot



(inspired by Kangaroo)

Roo’s life started out any way but “roodimentary” since none of her legs functioned when she was born.  After vet help, many splints and lots of encouragement, Roo has lived up to her name — springing around feeders and trees.  Roo girl is a first-time mama this season. She started out timid and shy but has truly blossomed into a willing milking mamma this season.

Roo is Alpine and part Nubian so she isn’t in it for quantity — but rather quality. Each milking session ends with kisses initiated by Roo. We appreciate the quality of her kisses most of all.

Our Roo girl is a true testament of how love and compassion helps guide us to a fulfilling life.  We are very proud of you, Roo.

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