On video and television

Check out what happens at the dairy!

Click here to see us featured in an episode on Iowa Public TV, Iowa Ingredients.

Click here to view television video of Honey Creek Creamery on Channel 3.

Think about coming to the farm to see the babies. We were awarded the Iowa Tourism Award in 2014 for our Living Loess tours

The Grey Plume and Honey Creek Creamery Go Viral

Chef Clayton Chapman recently received national recognition with partnership with Wusthof knives. We had the pleasure of being a part of his video highlighting his culinary achievements.

Click here to view.

Honey Creek Creamery is a permanent feature on The Grey Plume menu.  Our cheese is also found at their Provisions Store across the street.

Stay cool with Goat Milk Gelato!

Interview with Nonpareil where Honey Creek Creamery was featured in July 29, 2016 special tribute edition to farmers

 Honey Creek Creamery was featured in July 29, 2016 in a Nonpareil special tribute edition to farmers.  Proud to be included as part of the ag gang. Have fine-tuned the gelato formula and have some now on sale.