Our Products

Our Products

At Honey Creek Creamery the goal is to achieve the best texture, flavor and appearance of our products by overseeing every detail through making small batches.

Premium Handcrafted Goat Milk Gelato

Honey Creek Creamery is only one of two certified dairies in the country crafting goat milk gelato. What’s the scoop? Institutional ice cream and gelato are made from powdered cows’ milk. We create our own gelato base from fresh, farmstead goats’ milk.

Know the difference between ice cream and gelato? Ice cream has air whipped into it and is required to have cream added to it to achieve at least 10 percent fat (with premium ice cream at 28 percent fat). Gelato is known as Italian Ice Cream and is only 3 to 8 percent fat and yet is rich, creamy and tasty. Honey Creek Creamery gelato has no air; it is more dense with bursts of flavor. Since goat milk is naturally homogenized (its cream is interspersed with the milk), Honey Creek Creamery’s gelato is very creamy.

People who are unable to drink cow’s milk often are reacting to the lactose or large fat molecules in cows’ milk. Our gelato is easier to digest since goat’s milk has less lactose and smaller fat molecules with more protein and digestive enzymes than cows’ milk. The other benefits are that Honey Creek Creamery gelato is derived from pure, natural¬†ingredients (goats’ milk, pasture raised eggs and sugar), not from syrups purchased elsewhere. For example, our mint chocolate chip gelato is derived from mint plants grown locally and local chocolate. You will taste the difference — try it today!

Current Flavors: Chocolate Bramble (raspberry), Purple Haze (aronia berry), Sea Salt & Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate and Vanilla. We also add new flavors as seasonal fruits ripen.

Our Award Winning Cheese

Honey Creek Creamery has received top national awards for its cheese at the ADGA Cheese competition in Boise, ID. Simply Pure received second place and Little Italy and Cranberry Horseradish took third place in 2015. Also, four cheese submissions received top awards at the Iowa Quality Dairy Products Showcase at the Iowa State Fair. Since our goats browse the Loess Hills, this gives our cheese a one-of-a-kind flavor found nowhere else in the world.

Milk properties and composition change with the seasons as does the taste. As a result, making cheese takes constant adjustments and attention to the physical properties of the milk. Our cheese is made every two to three days for a fresh, lively cheese. Each chevre is soft and spreadable. To obtain a crumbly texture, cheese must be made very cold.

Current Flavors: Basil Garlic, Cranberry Horseradish, Smokey Aleppo Pepper, Lemon Verbena & Honey, and Simply Pure Cheese. Dill, Little Italy (with heirloom tomatoes) and Raspberry Chevre are available in season.